Civil liberties groups call SC ruling a blow to basic rights

Times of India - 12.12.2013
"With various progressive laws brought in this year, including those against sexual harassment at the workplace, we thought India was moving towards a more liberal legal regime", said Kalpana Viswanath on Sec.377 ruling by SC.

Nothing will really change until patriarchal attitudes do

September 10, 2013
After India's rape verdict, the question being asked is whether anything has changed in the past nine months. While there has been some progress, this does not necessarily translate into women feeling safer. There is no doubt that the gruesome case and the protests that followed represented a watershed moment where the entire country responded for the first time to an instance of sexual violence, which had till then been seen as a “women’s issue”. However, the impression that violence or crime has gone up in the past nine months is a difficult one to prove. What has happened is increased reporting, greater awareness and media focus on the issue.

Jump in reporting of rape cases

Times of India - 24 March 2013
What does these numbers signify?Between January 1 and March 10 this year, 326 cases were registered in the city as compared to the 130 cases filed in the corresponding period last year. Police sources say that many of these reports are about cases that had taken place several months ago.

Breather for sex workers in anti-rape law

Times of India - 25 March 2013
NEW DELHI: The amended anti-rape law does not include prostitution as a form of exploitation unlike the ordinance that criminalized sex work. The Criminal Law Amendment Bill, 2013 makes a distinction between sexual exploitation and consensual adult sex work. The move was welcomed by sex workers and activists who had slammed the ordinance that defined prostitution as exploitation.

Lok Sabha passes anti-rape Bill, majority of MPs absent during vote

Economic times - 19 March 2013
NEW DELHI: Lok Sabha today passed a bill which provides for natural life term or even death for repeat offenders of rape and other stringent punishment for various offences like stalking, voyeurism and acid attacks.

Boys thinking twice before staring at girls

Times of India - 21 March 2013
Lok Sabha passed the new Anti-Rape Bill on Tuesday. But, its tough provisions against 'staring' and 'following' have put the city guys on a guard.

​Just as nice when dad plays mom

Times of India -19 March 2013
The study focused on 19 men from Delhi, Lucknow and Pune, and found they had conflicting feelings about being in professions usually associated with women. Masculinity has its own set of stereotypes that men are pressured to conform to. For instance, male classical dancers, flight stewards, gynaecologists and designers are still seen as 'different' from the lot.