Safety Audits Across the City

JAGORI has conducted a series of over 40 safety audits (inspired from METRAC’s model of safety audits) in commercial, residential, educational areas in Delhi to identify issues, which make a space safe or unsafe for women and girls.

Each safety audit involved walking through the selected space, both before and after dark, observing and recording infrastructure issues as well as women’ s perception of how they felt as they walked through the space.

The findings from these audits are shared as recommendations to various stakeholders in the near future and take up interventions for addressing the issues that have emerged in partnership with civil various citizens groups. Some interventions are already underway. Read More

Dialogue with Various Stakeholders

As an initiative to liaison the state representatives with the community, several public meetings for advocacy and recommendations have been organized from time to time.

The Campaign endeavours to liaison with urban planning bodies in the city like UTTIPEC , Municipal Corporation of Delhi, Delhi Police, Delhi Transport Corporation, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, Department fo Women and Child Development, National Commission for Women, Delhi Commission for Women, etc.

It has an effort to understand the perspective of various stakeholders and reinforced the idea that working towards a safe city will require a range of strategies and involvement of different groups of people.

Partnering with Various Citizens’ Groups

  • CII (Confederation of Indian Industry): Has helped reach out to working women in the corporate sector through Wenlido self-defence trainings.
  • FCB Ulka Advertising Ltd.: Has created a powerful ad film for spreading the campaign message via mass media.
  • The History Channel: Has supported the campaign by airing the film on their channel as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility
  • NIIT, Barista, FabIndia:Have all helped in distributing Helpline booklets that seek to empower women with information and phone numbers they can turn to in times of need.
  • Delhi Police: JAGORI has conducted gender trainings with women constables who will be going out on beat for the first time in Delhi under the Parivartan scheme. Going out on beat will help the women constables to interact with women living or working in the area and in the process address their safety concerns
  • PEHEL and Women’s Development Cell in Delhi University: In association with these Delhi University groups JAGORI has conducted workshops in several colleges on the issue of “Safety of women students”. Interestingly many male students have participated in these workshops as well.
  • Gurgaon GirlCott: A public initiative launched to address growing unsafe conditions in Gurgaon was joined by residents, civil society representatives and several other groups. The idea was to raise awareness for civic responsibility and commitment towards the issue and to demand for increased sensitivity and accountability of the state representatives. 
  • Must Bol and Commutiny: the Youth Collective
  • Please Mend the Gap

Public Awareness Campaign

  • Mass Media Campaign: Safe Delhi Campaign in association with FCB-Ulka Advertising has come up with a powerful 35-seconds film that takes a comic yet serious look at staring a common form of sexual harassment that is often trivialized. The film has been aired in PVR Cinemas and on The History Channel. We are in the process of partnering with various other TV channels and cinemas for screening the film. View the film now.
  • Outdoor Media Campaign: Kiosks have been put on streets around the city asking the community to join in, for making Delhi safe for women. As part of college festivals, kiosks have been a medium to connect students with the Campaign. A Helpline Booklet of emergency numbers in the form a handy pocket booklet is circulated along with leaflets, badges; bookmarks and other campaign material are produced and disseminated.
  • Workshops with college students and faculty members:  Short sensitization sessions, workshops and trainings on issues like gender, safety, violence and right to the city in various Delhi University colleges. The objective of these sessions is to facilitate an understanding of how public spaces are gendered, why women are sexually harassed, and other such issues, through experience sharing and discussion, as well as collectively develop strategies for dealing with the issue.
  • Safe Delhi at the Half Marathon:  Since 2006, participating in the city Marathon has been an integral part. It is seen as a platform where people from the marginalized communities reclaim their right to the city with the ‘mainstream’ citizens
  • Take Back the Night: Women from all over Delhi got together at Dilli Haat on 30th November to “Take Back the Night”.
  • ‘Kya Dekh Rahe Ho?’: JAGORI and Blank Noise tied up for a street intervention. The objective was to question ‘Staring’, a very common form of street sexual harassment that is very often trivialized.