Delhi University Campus

Delhi University stands for learning, celebrating pluralities, democratic values and developing thought. It’s time we practice what we learn. Safety and inclusiveness has always been an interesting aspect within the University. It has been raised by many to encourage equal and equitable participation and ownership by all, without any discrimination and violence.

There have been many cases of harassment or molestation or even murder of a girl in south campus (2010). Such cases should be reported immediately either to Gender Sensitizing committee (GSC) or Register your complaint to the college committee (CCC). FIR should also be lodged to the nearest metro station. Bridging up the gap between students, teachers and administration can also help in reducing such crimes at campus level.

College going girls are often advised to dress up properly or they are not supposed to be outside their rooms after 8pm.  Curbing up the hostel timings can actually reduce the crimes? Though Delhi Police report says most of the crimes in the University happen in the day time. Instead of blaming up the girl students it is time when all such incidents should be registered carefully and dealt in a student friendly manner.

“Be The Change” is a group formed in 2010 and coordinated by Delhi University students with faculty and administration. It works towards making the University a safe and inclusive space.

As a group we believe that the university space should be a zero tolerance towards sexual violence zone and be inclusive for all people with disabilities, gender, ethnicities and identities. The group has been working very closely with various colleges and university administration to make sustainable changes envisioning safety in the campus area. “Be” believes that safety and dignity is a right of every individual.


Many campaigns, meetings and workshops were organized among various colleges. On 23 March and 19 August, 2010 walks were organized in North Campus celebrating the right to a safe and inclusive campus and against sexual harassment on Campus.

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